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Sector Education And Research Institute Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Punjab Tenders Ref.No 55304432
Closing Date 21 - Dec - 2022  |  13 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply Of Chemicals 1-Decanesulfonic Acid, Sodium Salt (hplc) (cas No.13419-61-9), "1-hexanesuifonic Acid Sodium Salt (hplc), (cas No.2832-45-3)", 1-Naphthol (ar/acs)(cas No. 90-15-3), "1-pentanesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt Anhyd (hplc) (cas No.22767-49-, 3)", 2,6-Dichloroquinone-4-Chloroimide (lr) (cas No. 101-3g-2), 2 Ml Hplc Vial With Screw, 9 Mm Neck Size, Clear Glass, Closure-Preslit, Certified, 2 Ml Hplc Vial With Screw, 9 Mm Neck Size, Amber Glass, Closure- Preslit, Certified, 2,2,2, Trichloroethanol (lr/sq/pure/extra Pure) (cas No. 115-20-8), "4-aminobenzoic Acid (lr), (cas No.150-13-0)", "4-isobutyiacetophenone (lr), (cas No.38861-78-8)", "ammonium Persulfate (ar/acs/exiplus), (cas No.7727-54-0)", "ammonium Sulfate (ar/acs), (cas No.7783-20-2)", Benzene(Pharmaceuticai Secondari Standard)(Cas No.71-43-2), "butyl Chloride(1-Chlorobutane) (lr), (cas No.109-69-3)", Capillary Tube (melting Point) With One And Closed 3 Inch Long, With A Thickness Of 0.2 To 0.3 Mm And Internal Diameter Of 0.8 To 1.1 Mm, "carbazole (lr), (cas No.86-74-8)", "casein Acc. To Hammarsten, 95% Protein, (cas No. 9000-71-9)", Certified Alcohol Reference Standard 70% (secondary Working Standard), "cobalt Acetate Tetrahydrate (ar/acs), (cas No.6147-53-1)", Cyclohexane (ar) (cas No.110-82-7), D-10 Camphor Sulphonic Acid (lr) (cas No. 3144-16-9), "dimethyl Sulfoxide (ar), (cas No.67-68-5)", Droperidol (cas No.548-73-2), Ethanol (ar/acs) (cas No.64-17-5), Ethylene Dichloride (ar) (cas No.107-06-2), "ferrous Sulphide (lr), (cas No.1317-37-9)", "guanine Hydrochloride (lr), (cas No.635-39-¿)", "hexane Fraction From Petroleum (lr), (caâ No.92112-69-1)", Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate (lr) (cas No.747-36-4), Methyl Orange Solution, 0.1% W/V (cas No. 547-58-0), "methyl Isobutyl Ketone (ar), (cas No. 108-10-1)", "n-(1-naphthyi) Ethylenediamine Dihydrochloride (ar)(cas No. 1465-, 25-4)", N-Heptane (hplc) (cas No.142-82-5), Perchloric Acid In Anhydrous Acetic Acid, For Titrations In Non-Aqueous Media (hcio4) = 0.1 Mol/I (0.1 N) (cas No.7601-90-3), Phthalaidehycie(Ar) (cas No.643-79-8), Potassium Disulfate (ar/acs) (cas No.7790-62-7), "potassium Hydrogen Phthalate (ar), (cas No.877-24-7)", "potassium Hydroxide Pellets, (ar, Acs, Exiplus)(Cas No.1310-58-3)", "potassium Iodobismuthate (ar), (cas No. 41944-01-8)", "pyridirie(ar/acs/exiplus), (cas No.110-86-1)", Silica Gel Self Indicating (coarse) (lr) (cas No.7631-86-9), "sodium Borohydride (ar/acs), (cas No.16940-66-2)", "sodium Lauryl Sulphate (lr/sq/extrapure), (cas No.151-21-3)", "tetrabutyl Ammonium Hydroxide Solution 40% In Methanol (lr) (cas, No.2052-49-5) , "tetramethylammonium Hydroxide 10% Aq. Solution Pure, (cas No.75-59-2)", , Tetrazolium Blue (lr) (cas No. 1871-22-3), Thioglycolic Acid (ar/acs) (cas No.68-11-1), Triethanolamine (lr) (cas No.102-71-6), Triethylamine (lr) (cas No.121-44-8), Tris Buffer (ar) (cas No.77-86-1), "trisodium Citrate (ar/acs), (cas No.6132-04-3)", Uranyl Acetate (lr)(cas No. 6159-44-0), Vacuum Grease,B Naphthol (ar) (cas No.135-19-3).
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